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Animal Behaviour Therapy

How does it work?

I work in a methodical and logical 4 step manner which includes: (1) Understanding the problem, (2) Giving the recommendations, (3) Starting the training and (4) Checking progress.

I will read your pets detailed history and visit them in their natural environment to see first-hand what is going on. Based on this, I will be able to provide an initial idea of what is likely to be happening (or going wrong) and why. I’ll then be able to explain what I recommend both in person and in writing, with plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions and gain a thorough understanding.

We will then begin our training sessions together where I will explain, demonstrate and coach until you are able to take over the training yourself. The length of these sessions is completely personal, depending on the issues, the animal and what you prefer.

I’ll continuously monitor the sessions and your animal's progress. We will regroup and evaluate the effectiveness of the training sessions once our initial plan is complete. I’ll remain available until you are 100% happy that the issue has improved and you are confident enough to manage the situation moving forward.

My methodology

It is my absolute mission to ensure that my methods are always (1) Evidence based, (2) Humane (for you and your animal), (3) Non-judgemental and (4) Affordable.

I believe it is imperative to stay up to date with the latest research and training techniques to ensure that you can train your animals using modern, rational and effective methods for optimal results. I do not believe in any use of intimidation or force in training, and only ever strive to leave you and your animal relaxed and keen to learn more after each session.

There is no place for blame in animal training, the most responsible thing an animal owner can do is to ask for help if they are experiencing issues. We are meant to enjoy life with our furry friends and improving/ modifying unwanted behaviour is necessary for this to happen. I also endeavour to be able to transfer the training skills to you, as the animal’s owner, in order to keep the training as cost effective as possible.


Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management
Head Coach at PACT (Professional Association for Canine Trainers)
Consultant Behaviourist at Natural Instinct
Consultant Behaviourist at Dartmoor Zoological Park
Assessor and Trainer for Dog Assistance In Disability (A.I.D.)

Expert Contributor for Dogs Monthly

Former Head of Training for Veterans With Dogs
Member of the British Veterinary Behaviour Association
Member of the Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals
Registered Instructor at the ABTC (Animal Behaviour and Training Council)

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