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Frequently Asked Questions

What pets do you train?

Canines are my absolute speciality: teaching dogs and their owners/carers makes up the large bulk of my workload. 

However, using the science of behaviour, I can help with all animals, including wild species and livestock. My focus is firmly fixed on improving both pet animal and captive animal welfare. Reduced stress handling and husbandry and empowerment are my main aims.

Can I have a consultation over the telephone?

Absolutely, if you feel you would like to discuss your pet’s problem over the phone or via Skype or Facetime, we can schedule in a mutually convenient appointment. 

These appointments cost £1 per minute and are payable by bank transfer before the consultation.

How far do you travel?

I am happy to travel far and wide and try to be very reasonable with travel costs. This is something I can discuss personally if you are over 20 miles from Chertsey, Surrey.

Can other family members be present during training?

I actively encourage it! Absolutely anyone that interacts with your pet should attend the session, from family members to dog walkers or pet sitters and day-care. Supporting written information can be provided if they are unable to attend.

What if I just have a quick question?

Simply email me and I will answer as soon as I can.

How do I pay?

Payment should be made upon booking by bank transfer or at the latest on the morning of the appointment, or in cash upon arrival.

What is your training methodology?

I strongly believe in the Positive Reinforcement theory of training and behaviour improvement. Positive Reinforcement is the process of encouraging or establishing a pattern of behaviour by offering reward when the behaviour is exhibited. I do not use, or encourage the use of, outdated and disproved training 'theories'.

Can you train my dog to be an Assistance Dog?

I can certainly train any dog to perform assistance tasks, if the tasks required fall within the dog’s capabilities and my personal ethics of assistance dog training. We would begin by assessing your dog’s suitability and set expectations. 

It should be noted that currently no individual is able to offer any sort of official accreditation. Even as an assessor and advisor on Assistance Dog training within both the UK and Europe, I cannot guarantee your dog access rights in some public places.

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