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Dog Training

For adolescent and adult dogs aged 6 months and over

It is never too late to train your dog to perform behaviours that will keep him safe and happy and ensure you get the maximum amount of pleasure from owning him.

I can work with you and your dog to achieve the following:

  • To come straight back to you the moment you call.

  • To walk politely next to you, both on and off lead.

  • Not to steal people’s picnics or jump all over them for treats at the park.

  • To settle down and ‘do nothing’ when you ask.

  • To focus their attention on you.

  • To greet other dogs and people politely and without jumping up.

  • Not to chase other animals or livestock.

  • To instantly perform basic obedience commands such as sit/stand/lie down or wait, when you ask.

  • To stop barking when asked.

Each visit consists of a tailor made training programme which can help you get through the tough adolescent period (between 6 – 12 months approx.) and also help with any adult dog training issues.

Some of the areas we can help with are:

  • Loose lead walking

  • A safe and reliable recall

  • Polite greetings

  • Adult dog toilet training

  • Focus and watch me exercises

  • Basic obedience commands


Because not everybody has the time or the confidence to train their own dog, I also offer ‘Owner Absent’ training sessions where I can help your dog to learn new behaviours without the owner present. We then perform a comprehensive handover back to the owner. This is perfect for busy owners or owners whose presence makes the undesirable behaviour worse.

Training sessions are charged at the basic training rate of £70.00 per hour.

A travel cost of £0.45 per mile will also be charged.

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