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Other Animal Training

For all of our non-canine friends

I can work across a variety of animal species to ensure that they are safe, happy and behave according to suitable expectations. The positive reinforcement method that I employ is incredibly effective in training and behaviour modification, no matter what (or who) the subject is. 

Species include, but are not limited to, cats, birds, small pets (rabbits, guinea pigs etc.), farm animals, zoo animals and more. Each visit consists of a tailor made training programme.

Because not everybody has the time or the confidence to train their own animal, I also offer ‘Owner Absent’ training sessions where I can help your animal to learn new behaviours without the owner present. We then perform a comprehensive handover back to the owner. This is perfect for busy owners or owners whose presence makes the undesirable behaviour worse.

Training sessions are charged at the basic training rate of £70.00 per hour.

A travel cost of £0.45 per mile will also be charged.

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